Monday, August 19, 2019

Magic Wand +Plus by Betty's Toy Box

Name: Magic Wand +Plus

Price: $79.95

Material: Head: Silicone Main Body: ABS plastic

Power Source: Plugin cord (not rechargeable)

Basic Description: This is an updated version of the classic Magic wand. It has 4 vibration intensities but no patterns on this model. You do need to keep it plugged in in order to use it, the cord is approximately 6 feet long. It has a nice big head which covers a lot of surface area. In comparison to the older Magic Wand, this wand is actually lighter in weight, but besides that and the other differences I have already mentioned, they are very similar.

Pros: The fact that this one does not have any patterns could be a pro for some people because they don't have to worry about accidentally getting stuck on a pattern they do not like. Also because you do have to keep it plugged in, it will not die in the middle of your fun time. This toy is also more lightweight than its predecessor, so it could be easier to hold on to.

Cons: Although I just said this as a pro, it can also be a con to have a corded toy. Corded toys get tangled and stuck, and if it is not easy or possible for you to fix a cord in the middle of things, then this can be very frustrating.

Accessibility Features: The buttons are very easy to press and simple in design. It only has a power button, and speed up and speed down buttons. So the design is very intuitive. Also, it is just a good all-around vibrator.

Ponderings: If you like strong vibrations and toys that last a long time, this toy is a great option! Also, the price is not bad considering what a high-quality product this is!

Ratings: ♿♿♿♿     (4 out of 5 wheelchairs)