Monday, September 30, 2019

First Time G Spot Tulip by Orchid Toys

Name: First Time G-Spot Tulip

Price: $19.94

Material: ABS plastic with PU coat

Power Source: 2x AA Batteries (This toy is NOT rechargeable) 

Basic Description: This is a simple G-Spot Vibrator, it has multi-speed vibrations. The whole vibrator vibrates, as opposed to just the head. It can be used in or out of the water.

Pros: The fact that the whole toy vibrates is a pro because you don't have to be super specific about where you put the vibrator. Also, the twist dial that turns the toy on can be easier for some people than buttons. Also some toys turn off when you squeeze them which for people with spasticity can be a problem, but this toy can only be turned off using the twist dial at the end.

Cons: It needs batteries to operate. This is not ideal because batteries can die in the middle of your fun sexy time. Also, the material is not the highest quality, as it is made of plastic.  It also does not bend at all, so keep that in mind!

Accessibility Features: The biggest accessible feature of this toy is the shape of the toy! It is easily wedge-able and has a nice long handle with a curved tip for reaching the right spot. Also, the price is quite accessible too!

: If you are new to G-Spot vibrators and don't know if one would work for you, I would recommend starting with this one.

Ratings: ♿♿♿   (3 out of 5 wheelchairs) 

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Melt by We Vibe

Name: Melt

Price: $149

Material: Silicone

Power Source: USB rechargeable

Basic Description: This toy is for your clitoris! It uses Pleasure Air technology to blow air on and around your clitoris. It also has a suction feature, as well as 12 vibrational settings. It is waterproof and can be controlled via the WeConnect app on any smartphone!

Pros: The shape of the toy makes it easy to hold and position! also the buttons are very easy to press and figure out and again, you can always use the WeConnect app to control the toy if that is easy for you!

: You need to be able to hold this toy in order to use it, even with the suction feature, it still not strong enough to be hands-free. It needs to be in a very specific place and held in a very specific way in order to be used properly. So if you don't have a lot of hand coordination, this toy may not work well for you.

Accessibility Features
: The only accessibility features are how lightweight the toy is, and the curved shape of the toy.

Ponderings: I would not recommend this toy to anyone without hand dexterity, also the price is a bit steep, so be sure this is a toy that you can really see yourself using before purchasing.

Ratings: ♿♿ (2 out of 5 wheelchairs)

Friday, September 20, 2019

The Moxie by We-Vibe

Name: Moxie

Price: $129

Material: Silicone

Power Source: USB rechargeable

Basic Description: This little vibrator attaches to your underwear with a super-strong magnet! It has 10+ vibration settings and can be controlled either manually, or with the provided remote, or with the We-connect app by We-Vibe.

Pros: This vibrator is what I have been DIYing for years! in the past, I even taped a vibrator to my underwear just to give you an idea. Because the Moxie attaches to your underwear, you don't have to worry about vibrating underwear being too small or too big, because it just attaches to your regular underwear! the magnet which holds the vibrator is strong. so it will stay in place! If the hand remote is hard for you to use, you have another option! The Moxie can be paired and controlled with the We-Connect app via any smartphone. It is quiet so if you have roommates or you're in public, you're privacy is assured!

Cons: I would have liked for this toy to be a little bigger, but other than that, no major cons for this toy!

Accessibility Features:
From the concept to the design to the app controls, this toy screams accessibility!!

Ponderings: I really am so excited this toy exists! It will help so many people with disability enjoy their sexuality! I recommend this toy to everyone whether you have a penis, a vulva if you are able-bodied or disabled, or what have you! everyone can get something out of this toy.

Ratings: ♿♿♿♿♿♿    (6 out of 5 wheelchairs) 

Monday, September 9, 2019

DiGiT by Hot Octopuss (From Betty's Toy Box)

Name: DiGiT

Price: $69

Material: Silicone

Power Source: USB rechargeable

Basic Description: This vibrator you wear on your fingers! It has two non-constraining finger slots that let you have maximum control of the vibrator. It is waterproof and has six vibration patterns with adjustable speeds.

Pros: The Finger band is flexible so it can fit most fingers! I usually can not use finger vibrators as they most often still require you to grasp them, but when I put on the DiGiT, it did not fall off! I could move my hand and still keep it stable. As I mentioned before, I have very limited hand coordination, so this was very exciting for me!

The buttons are not impossible, but they do require the ability to press in, and you'll need to read the instructions as the buttons are not labeled. If you are not able to create stable pressure with your hands, you may need assistance with powering on the device or trying different settings.

Accessibility Features: The fact that you don't need to grab this toy is an amazing accessible feature! Many toys do require some kind of grasping.

Ponderings: This toy would be good for people with all kinds of abilities! It could used on people who have penises as well! if you want a good solid finger vibrator, I highly recommend this one. Also, I was pleasantly surprised at the price for such a quality toy.

Ratings: ♿♿♿♿ (4 out of 5 wheelchairs)