Thursday, January 9, 2020

Le Wand by SheVibe

Name: Le Wand

Price: $170

Material: Silicone and ABS plastic

Power Source: USB Rechargeable (comes with outlet adapters for the US, UK, EU, and AUS)

Basic Description: This rechargeable wand vibrator has 10 vibration speeds and 20 patterns to choose from! The head is soft silicone and has a flexible neck meaning you can somewhat position it the way you need it. It charges for 3 hours and has a 3-hour battery life. It has a travel lock option, so it won't go off in your bag while you are traveling.

Pros: The soft flexible head is definitely a pro! Many wands have rigid necks and little to no flexibility, so being able to move the head makes this wand that much more accessible. Also, the buttons are easy to press, but at the same time are not so easy that you will accidentally change your settings. And as far as wands go, it is on the quieter side, but still powerful!

Cons: It is still heavy for a wand, so if you have a difficult time holding heavy objects you might have to be clever with how you position this toy or just use a lighter toy. It is also definitely on the more expensive side, while worth the quality you pay for, might not be accessible to everyone's budget. The button settings are not obviously intuitive, you have to make sure you read the setting to understand how it works and make sure it's not in travel lock mode, however, once you understand the settings it's much easier to navigate.

Accessibility Features: The flexible head, the buttons, and the 3-hour battery life are very accessible features.

Ponderings: This wand is not inaccessible but at the same time it does not scream accessibility either. However, if you know you like wands and the cons are not a deal-breaker for you, this wand is an excellent option!

Ratings: ♿♿♿♿    (4 out of 5 wheelchairs)

Monday, December 30, 2019

Palm Power Extreme by Betty's Toy Box

Palm Power Extreme 

Price: $109

Material: Silicone, ABS plastic

Power Source
: USB rechargeable

Basic Description: This medium-sized wand has multi-speed and multi-functioning vibration capabilities. The head is soft silicone with a flexible neck. the handle is curved and ergonomic with an easy-grip silicone texture along the backside.  This toy is not waterproof, but it is water-resistant. It also comes with a travel lock feature, so it does not turn on in your bag!

Pros: The fact that the head is flexible along with the curved ergonomic handle is a huge pro! also wands with this sort of power are usually much bigger, so the size of the Palm Power is a pro as well. The buttons are also easy to press and control - while not making it prone to accidental switching modes or turning it off.

Cons: The price could be considered a con, but it's worth the quality. I am having a difficult time finding anything else I don't like about this toy!

Accessibility Features:
From the flexible head to the curved easy-grip handle, to the fact that it is lightweight with easy to use buttons, this wand screams accessibility!!

Ponderings: If you know you like wands and want a smaller version (but not too small), this is a fabulous option!

Ratings: ♿♿♿♿♿♿    (6 out of 5 wheelchairs)

Monday, December 9, 2019

Flexbang by Flexbang

Name: Flexbang

Price: $60

Material: Acrylic with leopard print scarf

Power Source: N/A

Basic Description: This mounting tool is in an L shape, with one panel measuring at 24 inches and the other at 20 inches. How it works is you lay upon the panel without the scarf and then on the scarf panel you suction a suction cup toy/dildo to the acrylic surface. You can then use the provided scarf to create a thrusting motion.

Pros: This is good for someone with good arm coordination who needs extra thrusting help. Also if you can not reach your genitals, this would help you still access them. It is also lightweight and easy to position. It has holes on both panels, so if you need a shorter or longer panel to reach the scarf, it is interchangeable. Or you can also use the unused scarf holes to mount the flexbang into a set place on the floor.

Cons: you do need good arm coordination, just enough to be able to pull the scarf - which creates the thrusting motion. Also, you do need to spread your legs in order to use this mount.  It is really just for internal stimulation so if you don't like that, this will not be a good fit for you.

Accessibility Features: This toy mount's entire purpose is making thrusting motions easy and more accessible.  It is also fairly affordable compared to other mounts.

Ponderings: If you need help reaching your genitals for internal stimulation, this is a great toy for that!

Ratings: ♿♿♿♿ (4 out of 5 wheelchairs)

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Cloud 9 Mushroom Massager by Shevibe

Name: Cloud 9 Mushroom Massager 

Price: $35

Material: Silicone

Power Source: USB rechargeable

Basic Description: This vibrator looks like a mushroom! It is rechargeable and waterproof. It has 9 vibration settings. It has an ergonomic handle.

Pros: The fact that it is small but not bullet sized could make it easier to wedge. The "stem" of the mushroom creates a nice grip while not obstructing where you put the head of the mushroom. Even though the power button is at the base of the stem, it is not prone to accidental button changes. But when you do want to change the settings it is easy! It is also easy to travel with and because it looks like a mushroom it is very discreet.

Cons: The vibrator motor is not that powerful as far as vibrators go. It can not be used internally - it's only for body massage or clitoral stimulation. While it does charge in an hour, it also only lasts for about an hour.

Accessibility Features
: The stem and the price are both very accessible. $35 is on the cheaper side for rechargeable vibrators.

Ponderings: If you want a cheaper external vibrator and you don't need a lot of power this could be a good option.

Ratings: ♿♿   (2 out of 5 wheelchairs) 

Friday, November 15, 2019

Eve's Satin Slim Rechargeable Vibe by Adam and Eve

 Eve's Satin Slim Rechargeable Vibe

Price: $39.95

Material: ABS plastic, with removable Silicone Sleeve

Power Source: USB rechargeable

Basic Description: This simple vibrator has 10 vibration functions. This toy is waterproof and completely submersible. It comes with a removable tapered sleeve that adds realistic textures. This toy is 5.75 inches long and 1.44 inches wide.

Pros: It is a good length so you can wedge it between your legs and also it has enough room so you can grab on to it. It is pretty powerful for the size of this vibrator. The button is at the base of the vibrator, so it's easy to use and unlikely that you will accidentally change the settings or turn it off. If you are inserting it and want something on the slimmer end, this is a great size toy for that. The fact it is rechargeable for the price it is is a pro as well! Most $40 vibrators are more battery powered.

Cons: The sleeve is easy to get it on, but getting it off seems to be another story, it almost gets totally suctioned on and even if you have good hand coordination you could still have a lot of trouble getting the sleeve off. This makes clean up harder as well because you would want to be able to clean the sleeve and vibrator separately.

Accessibility Features: The size of the vibrator, the price, and the button are all excellent accessibility features. Also, the fact the whole toy vibrates is great as well!

Ponderings: For $40 you get a good vibrator that can be easily handled!

Ratings: ♿♿♿♿ (4 out of 5 wheelchairs) 

Monday, November 11, 2019

Aphrodite Remote Control Heart Massager by Adam and Eve

Name: Aphrodite Remote Control Heart Massager

Price: $99.95

Material: Silicone, ABS plastic

Power Source: The Vibrating Heart is rechargeable, the remote takes 3V CR2032 button batteries (included with purchase)

Basic Description:
This cute little heart vibrator has 9 vibration patterns and speed settings. It can be controlled by the included remote from up to 15-30 feet away. The vibrator is waterproof, but the remote is not. It comes with a necklace that attaches to the heart-shaped vibrator. 

Pros: The whole heart vibrates, which means you don't always have to be specific with how you place the heart. Also if you don't have good hand coordination, you can hold on or wrap the neck cord around your hand and dangle the heart where you want it. Also, as I have said many times, remotes just make everything easier - as you don't have to deal with cords or buttons on the toy itself. It's also great that both the toy and remote do not have any cords attached - so you are less likely to get tangled! Another great feature is that you can wear it as a necklace for both fashion or fellatio! If you use it during fellatio, it will make your throat vibrate for interesting new sensations for your partner.

Cons: The heart is little so you do have to be specific about where you want it to be placed since it does not cover a lot of surface area. It is also not the strongest vibrator I have seen, so if you need something with strong vibrations this might not work for you.  The price is a little steep for what you get.

Accessibility Features
: The necklace cord is a big accessible feature as you don't have to hold the heart itself in order to use and place the heart. This could be awesome for people who can not grab small toys. also, of course, the remote is definitely an accessible feature as well.

Ponderings: If you like small discreet looking vibrators that are wirelessly remote controlled, this is an excellent option!

Ratings: ♿♿♿    (3 out of 5 wheelchairs)

Friday, November 8, 2019

Eve's Recharable Remote Control Bullet by Adam and Eve

Name: Eve's Recharable Remote Control Bullet

Price: $39.95

ABS plastic

Power Source: USB rechargeable

Basic Description: This vibrating bullet has 9 vibration levels and functions. It is waterproof and submersible. It can be controlled by itself or with the wireless remote for distances of up to 50 ft.

Pros: It is a bit bigger than the average bullet, which can help with gripping the toy. The bullet measures at 2.74 inches long and .74 inches wide. Also, the fact that the remote is not connected to the bullet via a cord is a plus. This means you can mount the remote wherever it is most accessible to you and also you don't have to worry about getting tangled in cords. The fact that this toy is also rechargeable as opposed to battery-powered is awesome. It is fairly powerful as far as bullets go as well.

Cons: Even though it is bigger than the average bullet, it is still pretty small. So if you put it in your underwear it might get lost. Also, it only comes with one cord so you can only charge the remote or the bullet one at a time, this is not a huge con, but if it not always easy for you to have the time/remember to take turns charging each component, this could get annoying.

Accessibility Features: The price is quite accessible as most $40 bullets have a cord to the remote or they do not have a remote at all, and they are usually not rechargeable. The fact it is larger than other bullets makes it a little more accessible. The remote is easy to hold and tends to fit in your palm, the buttons and controls are also easy and intuitive.

Ponderings: If you want an inexpensive remote-controlled rechargeable bullet, this is an excellent option! 

Ratings: ♿♿♿♿(4 out of 5 wheelchairs)