Thursday, May 23, 2019

Pulse III Solo by Hotoctopuss

This is another guest review by Andrew Gurza. He is a sex and disability consultant and also has Cerebral Palsy. 

Name: Pulse III Solo

Price: $119

Material: Silicone

Power Source: USB rechargeable

Basic Description: This is an oscillating vibration device that can be wrapped around a penis. 

Pros: The toy is light weight and easy to use if you have dexterity, and full use of your hands. I

found some of the vibrations settings pleasurable on my penis for a short time.

Cons: Too hard to hold for someone with complex spasticity (at least for me). I found the

vibrations to often times be too intense, and it was difficult to turn off or on when in a lay down


Accessibility Features: Because of my limited dexterity, I found that the toy was really of no

use to me by myself. When I tried the toy with a partner, they helped it become slightly more

pleasurable, but not by much.

: I think the toy needs to be a different shape (at least for me). Similar to that of a

flesh jack; but the current shape simply doesn’t work for me as I don’t have a lot of fine motor


Ratings: ♿♿ (2 out of 5 wheelchairs)

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