Monday, February 11, 2019

The Wild Ride by Adam & Eve

The Wild Ride with Power Boost

Price: $79.95

Material:   Silicone

Power Source: USB Recharable

Basic Description: This dildo has a suction cup on the base so you can stick it to any hard surface, like a wall, chair, or the shower! It also vibrates! It has several pattern and vibration settings as well as a "power boost" button which gives you 10 seconds of the maximum vibration when pressed.

Pros: The suction cup is really sturdy and even when it vibrates it still sticks to the surface.

Cons: when you want the "power booster" you have to keep pressing the button in order to get the maximum setting because it only gives it to you for 10 seconds and there is no other way to get the maximum setting.

Accessibility Features:
The suction cup is a really cool feature because it lets you stick it anywhere and lets you play in whatever position works best for you. Also, the fact it is a vibrator too helps lessen the work you have to do! The buttons are also small but easy to press.

Ponderings: If you want to stick a toy somewhere and play, this toy is a great option! 

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