Monday, February 4, 2019

The Ravishing Rabbit Thruster by Adam & Eve

Name: The Ravishing Rabbit Thruster

Price: $109.95

Material: Silicone

Power Source: USB rechargeable

Basic Description: This toy is a bit different. It is a thrusting toy which means the head of the vibrator goes up and down. It also has a little bunny with flickering ears to stimulate your clit.

Pros: It is a good length to get a grip on. There are only two buttons, one to turn the power on and one to scan through vibration and pattern settings, and the buttons are easy to press. the material is not slippery which means you'll have an easier time holding on it.

Cons: The head is quite big so if you want to use it internally (which is the intended use) keep that in mind. I am a fan of using G-Spot Vibrators for clitoral stimulation, but I am not sure how much fun a thrusting vibrator would be for me personally because I don't like G-spot stimulation.

Accessibility Features: The gripping area is great so you will get a good hold of your toy. The buttons are easy to access.

Ponderings: If you enjoy thrusters and are looking for an accessible one this is a great option!

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