Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Turn Me On by Adam & Eve

: Turn Me On Rechargeable Love Bullet

Price: $39.95

Silicone & Durable ABS Plastic

Power Source: Remote is battery powered, Bullet is USB rechargeable

Basic Description: This is a basic bullet vibrator with a wireless remote control. it has 36 different vibrating speeds and functions.

The bullet is larger than other bullet vibrators, so that means it will not get lost as easily. Also, there is a retrieval cord attached to the bullet that you can hold on to or wrap it around your finger to help you hold it in place.  The remote control can be mounted where ever is most accessible, and the buttons are a little small but easy to press.

Cons: because it is still a bullet you don't have a lot of room to grab it. also if you like to put your vibrator in your pants, it can move around a lot.

Accessibility Features
: The remote control is the main accessibility feature, it makes this bullet so much more accessible than other bullets.

: if you enjoy bullet vibrators but don't like the cord attached to other remote controlled bullets, this toy is for you!

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