Monday, June 17, 2019

Adjustable Wand Holder by Passional Boutique

Name: Wand Essentials: Adjustable Wand Holder

Price: $69.99

Material: Metal and ABS

Power Source: N/A

Basic Description: This is a very interesting product! It is simply an adjustable gooseneck wand holder. It has a clamp that you can fasten to many different surfaces and on the other end is a circle clamp for your wand! It comes with two different sized circle clamps to make sure you can hold wands of all sizes!

Pros: It is very versatile! you can clamp it to your bed, a wheelchair, a chair, whatever fits your needs! also the gooseneck is very flexible but also sturdy so you know it will stay in place.

Cons: You do need a certain amount of hand coordination and strength to set up this wand holder. It needs to be tight enough to whatever surface you have it clamped to in order to stay up. The clamp itself can only clamp on to a surface that is an inch or two in width, so that kind of limits where you are able to put it depending on what you have available. This does require some experimenting in order to make sure it is balanced enough to stay where you want it, even when you put the toy in the holder, you would want the wand clamped on the heavier end as to not have the wand fall out or topple the whole thing over. 

Accessibility Features: This whole idea screams accessibility!

Ponderings: I would have liked to see the packaging even mention people with disabilities because this product is definitely for them. Also, just a funny side note: I definitely had flashbacks of mounting assistive technology to my power chair when I was putting together this wand holder because it looks so similar to what I used on my power chair.

Ratings: ♿♿♿♿ (4 out of 5 wheelchairs)